Another Year (My Thank You for all the birthday wishes)

Hey there!

I should be practicing right now. But, my new memory cards for my computer finally arrived and I was eager to install them. Luckily, it solved the problem of a very slow, unusable aging MacBook, thus enabling me to catch up on some things, including a big Thank You for all the birthday wishes!

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! Y'all are very kind. The Facebook posts, the texts, the phone calls... It meant a lot on a rather dreary day up here in the Northeast. I truly appreciate it! Seriously. This ain't no lip service. I truly, wholeheartedly appreciate the "Happy Birthdays" and stuff. I love you!

As I mentioned once or twice before, my new year coincides with THE New Year. Therefore, the new year and my birthday always held a nostalgic value to me, prompting me to look back on the past year's accomplishments as well as look to the future of setting and hopefully achieving new goals. I don't suppose this year is any different. Once again I've looked back at the past year, noting what I've done, what I didn't do, what I should have done, and what I can look forward to doing. I suspect I'm not the only person that does this.

One thing that is a constant is my personal "ABC," if you will. That is, Always Be Creating. 41 years on this rotating hunk of water, carbon, and bad pizza, and I still have the desire to be creative. Maybe not just desire... More of a need... If I'm not being creative, I feel dead. I don't want to feel dead. This past year, I've whittled my creating to specifically focusing on song craft. Although I didn't write as much as I wanted to, I was very happy with the results, writing what I believe to be some of my finest work to date. But, I never want to write my best song. Thus, I will always be in pursuit of writing my best song, creating all along the way. Hopefully, that means I'll write a lot of songs. I have a lot to say. And, if by chance I start feeling creative with paint, or photography, or graphic design again, hell... I'll surely go for that too. After all, it follows suit with my philosophy of "ABC."

So before this whole "thank you" thing gets laboriously long, I'm going to end it around here. I wish you and yours the best the universe can muster. But remember, the universe only gives back what you give. So my wish for you is that you are kind, understanding, giving, and thoughtful to others, to the creatures that roam this beautiful and one-and-only earth, and to the environment. I guarantee it will be worth the effort.

Thank you, again.

Peace, love, rock & roll...



New Music: Politician & Sweet Memories

New Music released, folks! Please have a listen and purchase a download of Politician and Sweet Memories.

POLITICIAN was written over the summer of 2016 in response to the political atmosphere and from the perspective of a laid-off factory worker. I listened the politicians saying the things the masses want to hear, sometimes even what I wanted to hear, but knowing full well most of them won't listen to me, or the mass of constituents. I'm also convinced their not listening to the laid-off factory worker.

SWEET MEMORIES was also written over the summer of 2016. As I saw the news, witnessing the shootings of unarmed men by police, followed by retaliations of frustrated people, I grew despondent. I thought to myself, "What can I do?" I thought about the mothers and fathers that lost their children - their loved ones - due to violence from a system that commits abuses of power. I thought about lost loved ones from both sides, again with a resounding, "What can I possibly do? I'm just a white guy living in the northeast that lives a life that doesn't come into contact with events like this." I prayed for the mothers and fathers, hoping that they could someday have their pain eased, that they always remember the good times - the sweet memories - of their loved ones they lost.


About social media and me - a post election entry

Just a few minutes of your time, if you can spare it...

First off, I've always disliked the Orangeman. I always thought he was a bloviated, narcissistic, self-absorbed celebrity who spouted off nonsense. I never watched his show. My opinions were reaffirmed especially after he started his unfounded claims that Obama wasn't born in the U.S. No, I never liked him.

I am fully aware of the professional folks I am connected with via social media, specifically Facebook. I am fully aware that some of my comments of the past 3 weeks may have made them cringe, embarrassed them, or feel embarrassed for me, especially the night of and days after the Presidential election.

Sorry, but not sorry.

This is not a typical time. This is not the standard Republican vs. Democratic arguments of the past 40, 50, 60 years. This man has brought out the ugliest characteristics of our country, unearthing suppressed elements of racism, xenophobia, sexism, and authoritarianism. While I will not live in a state of fear, I do feel threatened. I feel threatened that my family will once again be subjected to expensive and inadequate health insurance. I feel threatened for my friends in the LGBT community. I feel threatened for my immigrant and Muslim friends. I feel threatened for my friends who are public teachers, military personnel, and journalists. Most importantly, I feel threatened for the one and only planet we live on.

My intentions are never to divide us. I wish I had the power to bring us all together, for I truly believe our troubles are not caused by Republicans vs. Democrats, but by the wealthy vs. the 99%. So, when I see some outrageous comments like "Climate change is a hoax," I am going to speak out. When I see Orangeman picking cabinet members for his administration that are all anti-LGBT, I am going to speak out. When I see militaristic Generals, that love to wage war, being put into positions of power, I am going to speak out. When I see cabinet picks and surrogates stating, "There are no such things as facts," I am going to speak out.

I want us ALL to do well. Call me an idealist, but I believe we can all achieve the great American dream. Some of us are more inclined to work harder than others. Some of us are good people. Some of us are bad. We all have to navigate through the sea of personalities and backgrounds that make up this great country. But when someone or some entity takes away from me or my friends and family - my insurance, facts, education, clean air, clean water, jobs, etc., then I am going to resist. Not in the interest of being offensive to said entity, but to be defensive for friends and family.

So... This was all written pretty fast, and I might change some of this up later, but I felt a need to get this out. I really want us all to get along, respect each other, and take care of the one and only planet we have to live on. I will continue to speak out.