Music and Lyrics by Seth Adam

Snow is falling on the ground
Little pieces of the clouds coming down
You should see how beautiful
picture windows can make the world
I started dancing with New York
though I'm 300 miles away from that shore
I know that you won't come around
and she's everything that I need right now

So how could I walk from this wonder
delicate and so amused?
She made me feel like I was winning
but I lose

This temptation in front of me
illuminates my uncertainty
about a fire I left behind
and the embers burning by my side
If you were here to tell me no
then I wouldn't be so willing to let you go
But now I've got to stay inside
and surrender to a new divide

Now it's quite clear
Heaven is here
And everything about her is wonderful
You could've been here
but you're never near
everything about Vermont is wonderful