These Pills
Music and Lyrics by Seth Adam

Well I know these pills won't cure me
but they can surely ease the pain
A little help to recognize
that sunshine follows rain
Hand me truth, St. Augustine
Give me something pure
Milligrams no matter now
I'll take more if I'm unsure

I see it all falling down
Wonder which way to go when every step's a drown
It's hard to find the pleasure
I keep dealing with this pain
And I know these pills won't cure me
until I do it all again

Well I know these pills won't change me
but something just ain't right
A temporary fix me up
to remedy the fights
and wars and battles carry on
ranting in my head
A conscience worth of bitter pills
needs those happy pills instead

Fabricate or fathom
the truth is one more cry
Take these little pills of mine
to help me sleep at night
Simple and round, swallow down
Give me something for the fall
I need a little remedy
but these pills won't do it all