Old Broken Ladder
Music and Lyrics by Seth Adam

There's a light when the sun doesn't shine
Have some faith and it's something you'll find
In the time that it takes you can re-live the wake of your life
These perceptions of what life is for
My ambitions and harboring more
I'm a heart that's alive, full of steel tempered pride at your door

You can take your chances, live your life like this
With the consequence of things that your might miss
There's an old broken ladder that sometimes will still hold you up
If you fall while you're climbing your fall will be broken by love

When the dreamer has nothing to fear
and the chaos of doubt disappears
what you have left inside is a heart open wide, reappeared
I have walked all alone on a wire
I have scaled myself down to get higher
With an iron persistence, keep burning the distance desire

When you're missing the waters and whites
and a memory of carnival lights
all the innocent days that are further away than you'd like
Just remember that heart full of pride
You will push all your worries aside
Then it's alright to say you have reckoned a day for your life