Not Sad To See You Leave
Music and Lyrics by Seth Adam

If you ever wanted to know what I was thinking
If you ever wanted to know about deep inside
Take all your inhibitions and put 'em on the shelf
ask me right
This could be the time that you'd stop screaming
Take a breath, a step... and apologize
I think I lost my patience well, damn it all to hell
I feel fine

I can see you leaving today
Sometimes I wish you'd go away
Now I'd like to thank you for all your time
I'm not sad to see you leave, goodbye

These are times I wish that I was sleeping
These are times I wish that I could hide
You fill my mind with crazy pride
none of your words will get inside
To me... tonight...
Because now is about the time that I want dreaming
You can wed the cities' dogs at night
I'll do without the things for me
you conjure up maliciously
I have no fight

Reconcile yourself
Try to refrain
We're disappearing into grey