July 7 2016

A couple of things... First off, In light of recent events, I just want to encourage folks to love. I know it's not always easy, but love is the answer. Cliché yes. But, more to the point, it's truth.

Secondly (and my main reason for this post), I again want to thank the folks that have been listening to, downloading, and purchasing the songs from my year-long album project, "East Rock." ( There have been some generous purchases lately, and I am SO grateful! Releasing my music in this current fashion (I'm trying to keep up with a song a month, but I'm a little behind at the moment) and selling it exclusively through Bandcamp is my version of releasing music through something like PledgeMusic, Kickstarter, or GoFundMe. While I think those models have a tremendous value in this new music economy, I am hesitant to use one again (I only used PledgeMusic once). I feel those models have been abused, that some folks take advantage of them. I don't want to associate my art with that. Instead, my model is to do things the "old-fashioned way" - creating something and bringing it to market. So, when you purchase my art, you are helping me to create my next piece of art, my next song. You are helping me put a few bucks in the tank to drive to the next performance. You are helping me keep the faith that what I'm doing has some validity and that people still see the value in art, in music. With this model, you are getting music immediately in exchange for your hard earned dollars. You're also an awesome person that I consider part of this whole journey.

I'm at a point in my career where I do almost everything myself - from songwriting to graphic design, from promotion to publicity - I do virtually all of it because it's all I can afford (luckily, I have an awesome booking agency that helps a lot). This "hard-working-solo-guy" mentality has transcended to the recording process. While I wish I could afford a bigger studio with better gear, it's just easier and inexpensive for me to do some lo-fi home-recording at this point. Truth be told, I am loving the challenge of being limited to recording things with only 2 microphones (at most) at a time. For drums, it has made focus on the art of microphone placement and using the room. I have limited microphone options, but I am having fun experimenting with the mics I do have and the placements for recording acoustic and electric guitar stuff. I am absolutely loving the challenge of playing EVERY instrument myself, as well as recording, engineering, and mastering using PreSonus Studio One (for all you recording enthusiasts). I'm learning a lot. Last but not least, I've never felt so good about the songs I'm writing and enjoying the creative process and all the editing and producing that goes along with it.

This post is not "woe is me." I just want to reiterate that I truly appreciate the support. When you're doing almost everything yourself, you can appreciate that even a little support is huge. I deeply hope these songs affect you the way they have affected me. My words here can't make you feel compelled, but I hope these songs compel you to listen to them over and over and to share them with your friends. There are many more to come.

Peace, love, rock & roll...



June 24 2016

The past few years, and especially this current (2016) presidential election cycle, appears to have given rise to the notion that America "belongs" to someone. To whom it belongs... well, I thought it was quite obvious: anyone that is here.

The rise of "he-who-shall-remain-unnamed-but-rhymes-with-rump" has fanned the flames of populism, and in my opinion (and the opinion of many others) unearthed racism.

There is a Christian element that questions our modern culture as well, one that is appalled that men can now legally marry men, and women can legally marry women.

And of course, there is the longstanding elements of racism in our beloved United States that never seems to go away.

Given the swell of these issues, and more, it just hit me... If I was to ask a supporter of "making America great again," I would simply ask him/her: "Whose America do you want this to be?" No judgement. I'm just curious.

And this question goes beyond contemporary times. I mean, who is 'really' running the show, anyway? I have a feeling we don't even know.

I'm not sure that I want to know the answer, but I think it's important that we look inward and ask ourselves that question - for the future, for our children's future, as we all take up space in this melting pot called the United States, and for that matter, the world.



April 10 2016

Hello friends! A Happy Tuesday to you! Some nice news this morning... Along with fellow Elm City folks Doron Flake, Elizabeth Nearing, Sean Hundtofte, I was part of the "Dreamers & Doers" feature in New Haven Magazine. Thanks to Rachel Bergman for the inclusion! As an added bonus, there's a great feature on mah dude, Mr. Dean Falcone, for his soundtrack work for A Dog Named Gucci. Check it out below: