Music and Lyrics by Seth Adam

I try to hide my watered eyes
I'm caught up in the moment again
Because I see a sight that makes me cry
I'm dependent on a medicine send

But these antidepressants have all run their course
And I think that it's time I get straight to the source
of why I feel so invisible

It seems as though my relevance is lying down
My voice doesn't carry me as far
So my resolve becomes a glass of wine
And disquieting thoughts all bizarre

And I know my mother she surely would cry
If I was to tell her I wanted to die
sometimes when I feel invisible

And I know it's all in my head
But sometimes leaves me there

You see that girl... sitting over there
She's got a wonderful smile
And probably has a much more stable man
I retreat to my unworthy style

You say I need to stronger, I need to be coarse
But it's hard to be anything when I'm at my worst
When I feel so damn invisible