Seventy Letters
Music and Lyrics by Seth Adam

Seventy letters worth of words are in my head
I wish I had said the things that you had only read
on paper with scratches that I nearly threw away
You couldn't hear me with my troubles in the way

And I say yeah, yeah
Come and lay your water down
Yeah, yeah
And the world is all around

Seventy letters worth of words I never spoke
I wish I could say the things that I had only wrote
5:30am with the restless in my head
The sun is dancing, I'm without a dream again

If I could be stronger
then I'd be farther
Maybe I wouldn't recess myself every time
I try to focus
But I think I lost this
I'd like to drown my muted state alive

Seventy letters worth of words that never rhyme
I'd love you to read them but you just don't have the time
And now you're leaving, so goodbye to you my friend
Maybe we'll see the reasons clearly at the end