This was a last minute show, booked 2 days before. I played solo. I kept my expectations really low that anyone would actually show up. No one showed up. There were a few folks there, in the bar area, that stayed for a few. Other than that, I played for the bartender, the soundman, and a plethora of empty tables & chairs. I’m not popular. I have very little pull. Still, I worked and played my ass off and I’ll keep fucking doing it until either I or something breaks. Never give in.

Push and Pull
Troubled Times
Old Broken Ladder
I Think I Like It Better
Charlie and Mildred’s Dream
Not Sad To See You Leave
Seventy Letters
I Can’t Wait To Let You Down
Old Town

I’m like Cinderella’s ‘Gypsy Road…’ “I keep on pushin’ 'cause it feels alright.”