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New Music: Politician & Sweet Memories

New Music released, folks! Please have a listen and purchase a download of Politician and Sweet Memories.

POLITICIAN was written over the summer of 2016 in response to the political atmosphere and from the perspective of a laid-off factory worker. I listened the politicians saying the things the masses want to hear, sometimes even what I wanted to hear, but knowing full well most of them won't listen to me, or the mass of constituents. I'm also convinced their not listening to the laid-off factory worker.

SWEET MEMORIES was also written over the summer of 2016. As I saw the news, witnessing the shootings of unarmed men by police, followed by retaliations of frustrated people, I grew despondent. I thought to myself, "What can I do?" I thought about the mothers and fathers that lost their children - their loved ones - due to violence from a system that commits abuses of power. I thought about lost loved ones from both sides, again with a resounding, "What can I possibly do? I'm just a white guy living in the northeast that lives a life that doesn't come into contact with events like this." I prayed for the mothers and fathers, hoping that they could someday have their pain eased, that they always remember the good times - the sweet memories - of their loved ones they lost.