Kind of a shitty, generic title. Forgive me. It’s late and I think my creative juices have gone to bed before I did.

Some reflections on the day…

I think we need a new social network. “The ‘Book” has become dull, dreary place, loaded with ads, and severe stipulations on how you can use it. To be honest, I don’t like the whole social network thing anymore. I feel it’s rendered us disconnected with our supposed “connected-ness.” Perhaps that’s one for the philosophers to hash out. But back to my original point, I don’t like my online gathering place filled with ads, rules, and restrictions. I mean, Zuckerberg does realize this is the internet right?

Something I battle with on a daily basis, is whether or not to express myself politically. Many times, I stop and think, “Am I going to lose a fan?” “Will I alienate folks too much?” “Is there going to be a long, drawn out online 'discussion’ afterward, taking me away (should I entertain it) from my musical duties of the day (writing, practicing)?” Well, let me put all those worries aside for a moment and just say this: Your Congress - the House, specifically - just left for vacation. Before doing so, they chose not to address immigration, unemployment extensions, the looming student loan debt crisis, funding for a jobs bill, and infrastructure bill, and I’m sure a host of other import things. No, instead, they chose to sue the president and fund Israel with more aid (to buy weapons). I’m a proud liberal, but let me be clear when I say this: Even if the tides were turned (a Republican president and a Democrat majority in the House), and the same thing happened, I would say that it is complete insanity.

Lastly, for my thoughts of the day, I’m thankful to be able to make music. I think about this every day. It’s an emotional rollercoaster on a daily basis, but I never quit. It’s an emotional roller coaster for sure, but at the end of the day, my hair is wind blown, my heart is racing, it scares the crap out of me, then gets me really high, and I yell out, “Let’s do it again!”


-Love, SA