Never Ending Books - 810 State St., New Haven CT - 8.16.14

Triple bill with Meredith Rose and Aaron Staniulis also performing.

This was a duo show with my awesome sauce friend and musician, Aaron Staniulis. I played some percussion in his set, and he played bass and sang harmony on mine. A really fun night. These are the songs we did:

Old Broken Ladder
Suicide War
Troubled Times
Push and Pull
Not Sad To See You Leave
New York City Bound
Seventy Letters
Old Town

I’ve been working on feeling comfortable doing the solo thing as of late, so playing as a duo was a real treat. I hope it continues and a full band grows once again. In the meantime, I’ll do what I can with whomever will do it with me. Thanks y'all!

With lots & lots & lots of love,