This past Tuesday, Gerry and I joined John Philips-Sandy (one of the organizers for Downtown Rocks for Newtown - on our local ABC affiliate, WTNH 8 on the CT Style show, hosted by Teresa LaBarbera. As a guy that wants to see this benefit event succeed, and as I guy that loves performing, I jumped at the opportunity to help.

There is something different about Television however. It’s a tremendous medium. While playing the song, I realized that I was under a powerful microscope. To that knowledge, I frantically thought to myself, “Did I get enough rest? My voice isn’t warmed up! Am I doing a good job? Does this outfit look ridiculous? Is this song appropriate? Concentrate on the moment, Seth!”

Begin the sweating…

Taping for television is far different from live performance, at least for me anyway. If I mess up, there are no conversations taking place in the background, no clanking bottles, no seconds on the clock to publicly point out that I messed up, have a laugh, and move on. Nope. This is a do or don’t situation.

Continue sweating…

About halfway through the song, I listened to the last thing I mentioned above: “Concentrate on the moment, Seth.” After all, this is a song about recognizing a ‘Troubled Time’ and letting oneself be in the moment and breathe.

Guitar solo comes (thanks Gerry) and I have a moment to relax, to breathe, to 'get in’ the moment. Things are getting better.

So this is a rare admission of nervousness to you. And man, was I nervous. Funny how the song ended up coming in handy in the whole 3 minute plus performance.

Check out the performance below. But before you do (or even after), be sure to get your tickets for Downtown Rocks for Newtown. Tickets are available here:

Stage 8 Presents: Dowtown Rocks for Newtown