Hello friends!

So this is going to be the new blog page. I always said I would do something about the blogging, but didn’t get the motivation to do it until 9:57am this morning in a hotel room in Emporia VA. Sometimes inspiration strikes in the strangest places.

Please excuse the layout/colors/feng shui of the page until I get back from tour. When back home I will decorate and adorn the page like a mo-fo… or probably more like a graphic designer, ‘cause that’s what I do in my other life. Come to think of it, I’m not exactly sure what a “mo-fo” does. Not a good comparison I presume.

This little diatribe comes to you from Emporia VA at a fabulous Best Western. No, really… it’s fabulous! Usually we stay at cheap hotels that have duct taped windows, kerosene heaters, and old fans that constitute “air conditioning.” Somehow, we’ve landed in the lap of luxury on this one because it actually has a bathroom! I’m excited…

In all seriousness, tour’s been fun so far. It’s a small 8 day run down to some Southern states in parts of the country I’ve never been. I always wanted my life to be full of some adventure and travel, and I always wanted music to do that for me. Well, after holding myself back for too many years to remember, I’m finally doing it (actually started in April with our Midwest tour, but it’s a blog… do we need factual interruption from me? My OCD says yes… okay? Okay).

Tuesday was a great kick-off with our friends the Leify Green Conspiracy at the Glass Grill in Baltimore. What a great way to start things off. Leif is one stand up guy… everybody’s friend with a huge heart. Folks that came out were absolutely great, rallying to the end of a late evening even though it was the day after July 4th. And some kind folks too. It was a real pleasure meeting y'all!

Last night we were in Norfolk VA. I had always heard about this crazy bridge/tunnel/bridge thing in Virginia at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Well, I finally went through it! Pretty neat. Modern engineering marvels are quite wondrous. Consider driving a vehicle hundreds of feet below water… with ships passing overhead. Yup… I could crap myself too when the claustrophobia kicks in. But still cool. And hey, Gabe & the crew at The Taphouse were awesome! If you’re ever in Norfolk VA or nearby on vacation, stop in. It’s a great tap room. He’s got a great rep for bringing in live music too, so the crowd was made of music aficionados, which is always welcome by us. Johnny Jackson was on FIRE with his vocals last night. I hope he reads this and gives me a pat on the head…

Oh, now I’m being silly…

Okay, gotta hop in the shower and load it up again. Off to Winston-Salem NC. Y'all have a great day!