Yes, greetings from Chicago! So good to be back on the road playing music again!

This road trip had an interesting start. That is, leave it to me to leave packing, taking my dog to my folks house, picking up the rental car, showering, etc., to be done in the time span of 2 hours. But, I did it! And then I realized as I was leaving, that I forgot the GPS components (charger, bracket) - turn around to Radio Shack. Then I realized I forgot to deposit a check - turn around to the bank. Then I realized I forgot the E-Z Pass. Turn around to go back home. See y'all, this truly is the rock & roll lifestyle (insert sarcasm).

After about 8 hours, we finally arrived in the “Pop-Up” city, Pittsburgh. I found out from my friend and Pittsburgher (not Pittsburghian, or Pittsburghite) Maureen, that they call it the “Pop-Up” city because you’ll be driving along, through a very hilly interstate highway, and the city just “pops up” as you come around one of the bends. This is true… I’ve seen it. Having never been to Pittsburgh before, I found the geography and the construction that adapted to it over the years quite fascinating. Outside of having many hills, there are 3 rivers that meet together in Pittsburgh. Thus, there are many bridges throughout the city.

Then there’s those pictures you get of PNC Park (where the Pirates play) when you have a camera in your hand and can get a shot of it while driving (don’t do this at home kids).

The show at The Park House was fun. Unbelievably kind staff! And while the city was kind of quiet that night, we did manage to introduce ourselves to the best softball team in Pittsburgh, in a folk-rock sort of way.

Rest stop in Ohio. I couldn’t decide which hat with an “O” I wanted… Wait a second… how did that hat with a “G” get in there?

Next up was Columbus OH. John and I got into town early, so we walked around the Ohio State University campus. Holy shizzle, it is huge. If you’ve ever seen some “crazy college kids” movie with frat houses, sorority houses, insane amounts of beer, and general debauchery, I have to say that it does exist in real life. (Side note… I robbed myself of that “youthful” college experience, having skipped college after one semester when I was 18. So, walking by this stuff and seeing it first hand was thrilling for me.)

Our show at O'Sheckys was away from the above stuff. Interesting place… When we walked in, we noticed the walls were filled with all this “metal” memorabilia (Ozzy posters, crosses & skulls, etc.). I was a bit nervous that we wouldn’t go over too well. Well, I was wrong. The folks that came out, including all the other bands, were really nice and totally receptive to what we did. Happily, we received a lot of compliments. And, I’m waiting on a picture of a modified “Seth Adam” t-shirt that a young lady bought. I’ll let you know when it arrives. ;-)

A guy by the name of Seth Adam"s" played here too.

Got this beautiful Ohio skies show, somewhere on US-30…

So, now, greetings from Chicago… again, my “photographer behind the wheel” work…

I really love Chicago. It’s beautiful here. There is so much to do, so much activity, a lot of music, festivals, parks, and great food. If I had to choose a city other than NYC to move to, I’m pretty sure this would be it.

John took this one for me.

I think this may be the most random blog I’ve ever posted. Kinda whooped from all that driving…

Off to play the Elbo Room tonight. I’m really excited for this one! For now, we’re going for a run, making a trip to  Chicago Music Exchange, and perhaps some deep-dish pizza…

I’ll check back soon,